What Is A Professional Photographer?

When you are working on assignments, you are -

a director, a reporter, a stylist, a retoucher, an editor;

When you are not working on assignments, you are -

a business manager, a salesperson, a bookkeeper, a financial controller, a customer relationship manager, a publicist, a marketing manager, a negotiator, a purchaser, a credit collector, an event organiser, an employer, an employee, an entertainer, a blogger, a tweeter, a writer, a presenter, a computer technician, a courier, a driver, a designer, a printer operator, a framer, a webmaster;

You will not get that assignment if you are not -

a scuba diver, a mountaineer, a skier, a hiker, a rock climber, an animal lover, an environmentalist, a scientist, a surfer, a party goer, a fashion lover, a singer, a music lover, a dancer, an actor, a talker, a joker;

If you are really into your job, you are -

a listener, an investigator, a social worker, a mentor, a teacher, a student;

Above all, you are also -

a father, a mother, a husband, a wife, a lover, a son, a daughter, a soul searcher, a friend, an enemy, a neighbour, a citizen, a carer, a handyman, a cook, a cleaner, a repairer, a housekeeper;

And before we all forget -

may I also add to the list – a photographer